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A template to generate external links for the pages listed here. Not all of the resources contain information for all volumes, so the links generated depends on the volume.

Links generated

The following links are generated by the template. The bold italic text indicates those parts of the link names that varies depending on the volume number: vvv represents the volume number and yyyy represents a year.

Volumes Link generated
All United States Supreme Court
502–564 Full Text of Volume vvv of the United States Reports (supremecourt.gov)
1–546 United States Supreme Court cases in volume vvv (Open Jurist)
1–544 United States Supreme Court cases in volume vvv (FindLaw)
1–580 United States Supreme Court cases in volume vvv (Justia)
2–107 Dates of Supreme Court Decisions and Arguments: United States Reports Volumes 2–107 (1791–1882)
562–580 yyyy Term Opinions of the Court (supremecourt.gov)



The volume number is optional. If it is not specified, this template will use the {{SCOTUSKey}} template to determine the volume from the title of the page in which it's being used. For example, if this template is used on the page List of United States Supreme Court cases, volume 540, without specifying the volume, it will use volume 540.


{{SCOTUSLinks|1}} produces:

{{SCOTUSLinks|2}} produces:

{{SCOTUSLinks|540}} produces:

{{SCOTUSLinks|559}} produces:

{{SCOTUSLinks|580}} produces: