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This template is to help users write fair use rationales for non-free album covers and other music cover art as required by WP:NFC and WP:FURG. Include this in the File page before the {{Non-free album cover}} template, once for each time you insert the album cover art image into an article.

Please use copyrighted content responsibly and in accordance with Wikipedia policy. A template alone does not make cover art fair to use. It merely helps you state why you think it is appropriate.

This template is optimized for album cover art used in the article about the album. It may or may not work in other contexts. For example, this fair use rationale may not be appropriate for images of videos.

Before saving, try the "preview" feature to review the text produced by this template. Be sure the language is true and complete. If not, consider using the override fields, a different template, or a hand-written justification.


(copy this to your image page)

{{Non-free use rationale album cover
| Article           = 
| Use               = <!-- Choose: Infobox / Header / Artist / other (specify Purpose) --> 
| Name              = 
| Artist            = 
| Label             = 
| Graphic Artist    = 
| Item              = 
| Type              = 
| Website           = 
| Owner             = 
| Commentary        = 
| Description       = 
| Source            = 
| Portion           = 
| Low resolution    = 
| Purpose           = <!-- Must be specified if Use is not Infobox / Header / Artist -->
| Replaceability    = 
| Other information = 


  • Article - Article name, no brackets
  • Use - How is the image used in the article? Choose one:
Infobox - in the infobox for the article about the album / work
Header - top of article about the album / work
Other - some other use (describe below in Purpose)

  • Name - Name of work / album if different than article
  • Artist - Musician's name
  • Label -
  • Graphic Artist - If known
  • Item - What is the artwork? Front cover? Back cover? Etc.
  • Type - What kind of music format? CD? Album? Etc.
  • Website - If taken from the web, where?
  • Owner - Who owns the copyright, if known
  • Commentary - Discuss any commentary in the article about the cover art itself.

  • Description - Additional information about album or artwork
  • Source - If not from the website, specifically where and how did you get the image?
  • Portion - If you did not use the whole cover, what part did you use and why?
  • Low resolution - If the image is unusually large or small, why?
  • Purpose - If use is not one of the specific categories above, explain how you use it.
  • Replaceability - Explain why the image can't be replaced with free use, if boilerplate explanations aren't accurate.
  • Other information - Any other information you think helps the image's fair use case

Usage Notes:

  • Do not use both Website and Source, or the website's link will be corrupted.

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