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This template is to help users write fair use rationales for non-free manga covers and other manga art as required by WP:NFC and WP:FURG.

Please remember to substitute the template using {{subst:manga rationale}} rather than {{Manga rationale}}.


(copy this to your image page)

{{subst:Manga rationale
| Article           = 
| Use               = <!-- Choose: Infobox / Header / Section / Author / Other --> 
| Article2          = 
| Use2              = <!-- Choose: Infobox / Header / Section / Author / Other --> 
| Article3          = 
| Use3              = <!-- Choose: Infobox / Header / Section / Author / Other --> 
| Article4          = 
| Use4              = <!-- Choose: Infobox / Header / Section / Author / Other --> 
| Article5          = 
| Use5              = <!-- Choose: Infobox / Header / Section / Author / Other --> 
| Title             = 
| Volume            = 
| Author            = 
| Illustrator       = 
| Publisher         = 
| Cover_artist      = 
| Website           = 
| Owner             = 
| Other purpose     = 
| Description       = 
| Source            = 
| Portion           = 
| Low resolution    = 
| Purpose           = 
| Replaceability    = 
| Other information = 
| Licensing         = <!--Choose: On / Off --> 

Explanation of fields

Parameter Explanation
Article(n) Article name, no brackets.
Use(n) How is the image used in the article? Choose one:
Infobox - in the infobox for the article about the manga
Header - top of article about the manga
Section - in a section devoted to the manga
Author - in an article about the author (be careful here)
Other - some other use. Describe in "Other purpose"
Optional fields
Title Name of manga, if different than article.
Volume If part of a multi-volume series, the volume number of the cover.
Author The author or creator of the manga.
Illustrator The illustrator of the manga, if different from the author.
Publisher The publisher of the manga.
Cover_artist The cover artist of the manga.
Website If taken from the web, where?
Owner Who owns the copyright, if known.
Other purpose If |Use=Other, explain how the image is used in the article. This will be inserted into the standard boilerplate explanation.
Override fields
Description A description of the copyrighted material, if the boilerplate description is not accurate.
Source If not from the website, specifically where and how did you get the image?
Portion If you did not use the whole cover, what part did you use and why?
Low resolution If the image is unusually large or small, why?
Purpose If use is not one of the above categories, explain how you use it.
Replaceability Explain why the image cannot be replaced with free use, if boilerplate explanations are not accurate.
Other information Any other information you think helps the image's fair use case.
License Turns the non-free license for book covers on or off. Default: On

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