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Artwork image information
Title {{{title}}}
Artist {{{artist}}}
Year {{{year}}}
Creation location {{{creationLocation}}}
Type {{{type}}}
Height {{{height}}}
Width {{{width}}}
Depth {{{depth}}}
Units {{{units}}}
City {{{city}}}
Museum/Gallery {{{museum}}}
Source {{{source}}}
Permission {{{permission}}}
Other notes {{{other}}}

Brief syntax description

{{Image information art|
|title = Title of the work
|artist = Artist who created it
|year = Year of production
|creationLocation = Location where the work was created
|type = Technique used
|height = Height
|width = Width
|depth = Depth
|units = Units of measurement
|city = City of current location
|museum = Museum/gallery/venue of (current) location
|source = Where the image was found (URL + name, usually)
|permission = Notes about permission to use the image. This does NOT replace the need for a license tag or fair use statement.
|other = Other notes about the image or artwork
|other_versions = (optional variable, can be left out)

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