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The {{Duplication span}} tag will categorise tagged articles into Category:All articles with minor POV problems. This template is a self-reference and thus is part of the Wikipedia project rather than the encyclopedic content.

When to use

Use this tag only if:

  1. The material is repeated twice in the body of the article.

How to use


The template should be placed outside the reference (<ref> ... </ref>), within the article's text:

{{duplication span|text=place text that is repetitive here|date=February 2020}}

See also

  • {{Failed verification span}} (inline citation) use when an inline citation to a source is given, the sources has been checked and the source does not completely support what is contained in the article.

No description.

Template parameters

Text of duplicate claim1text

The text of the duplicated claim

Unbalanced wikitextrequired
Month and yeardate

no description

Auto value

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