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This template is intended to be used for all-Ireland instances, usually resulting in a wikilink to Ireland (article about the island) instead of Republic of Ireland (article about the sovereign nation).

However, it is often convenient to use {{flagicon|Ireland}} and {{flag|Ireland}} instead of {{flagicon|Republic of Ireland}} and {{flag|Republic of Ireland}} respectively, so this template differs from the standard format in order to accommodate that usage. The <templatestyles src="Mono/styles.css" />alias parameter changes depending on whether or not a flag variant is used by the parent template call:

alias = {{#if:{{{variant|}}}|Ireland|Republic of Ireland}}

This results in

Sporting teams

Also, several sport-specific flag variants are maintained here, and these are automatically used by the respective sport team templates:

  • {{fb|Ireland}} Ireland (football, 1882–1922)
  • {{fh|Ireland}} Ireland (field hockey)
  • {{rl|Ireland}} Ireland (rugby league)
  • {{ih|Ireland}} Ireland (ice hockey) — all-Ireland team that uses the tri-colour
  • {{ru|Ireland}} Ireland (rugby union)
  • {{cr|Ireland}} Ireland (cricket)
  • {{quid|Ireland}} Ireland (quidditch)

Use of country code aliases

The standard country code for the Republic of Ireland is IRL, so it can be used as an alias for Template:Country data Republic of Ireland. The non-standard country codes IRE and EIR are used as aliases for this template to provide similar convenience. For example:

Incorrect usage

Do not use the IRL alias for all-Ireland sports team, and do not use the IRE/EIR aliases without a flag variant specified. The following examples should not be used.

  • {{flagicon|IRE}}Republic of Ireland (Works, but better to use the standard country code for IRL.)
  • {{fh|IRL}} Ireland (Use {{fh|IRE}} instead)

Other flags

<templatestyles src="Mono/styles.css" />Country_data templates are also available for each of the four traditional provinces of Ireland:

Template:Country data Connacht  Connacht
Template:Country data Leinster  Leinster
Template:Country data Munster  Munster
Template:Country data Ulster  Ulster