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Template:CongLinks allows linking to external links found on most current U.S. Congress biographies and on many state-level political biographies. This will aid in the maintenance and standardization of these external links.


  • This template is only appropriate for legislators who served any time during or after 1991.
  • This template should not be substituted.

Cut and paste

{{CongLinks | congbio = | votesmart = | fec = | congress = }}

The order of the fields does not matter for results, but is useful for consistency and to see what's missing.


  • All parameters are optional, but if you don't include any of them, nothing will show up.
  • Do not use capital letters. They might disrupt the code.
Field Data Result URL source
congbio ID number of the congressional biography Congressional Biography and Washington Post voting record http://bioguide.congress.gov /scripts/biodisplay.pl?index=[congbio]
votesmart votesmart.org id Biography, voting record, and interest group ratings https://www.votesmart.org /candidate/[votesmart]
fec Federal Election Commission ID Campaign finance reports and data http://images.nictusa.com /cgi-bin/can_detail/[fec]
congress Path name Legislation sponsored https://www.congress.gov/ member/[congress]


John Boehner:

* {{CongLinks | congbio = b000589 | votesmart = 27015 | fec = H0OH08029 | congress = john-boehner/102 }}

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