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This template is designed to ease the adding of an initial fair use rationale to uploaded images of comic book covers.


(copy this to your image page)

{{ subst:Comic cover rationale | Article name | Comic title || Owner of the copyright | }}


{{ subst:Comic cover rationale | Article name | Comic title | Website URL | Owner of the copyright | }}

The parameters are:

  1. The article the image is used in.
  2. The title of the comic book, graphic novel, trade paperback, or similar that the cover is part of.
  3. If the file was retrieved from a website, the URL of that site. The template with insert "Scan made by the original uploader." if this is left blank.
  4. The company and/or person that owns the copyright of the cover.
  5. Licensing flag. This can be set one of three ways:
    • "Comic" which will add {{non-free comic}} to the page.
    • "Book" which will add {{non-free book cover}} to the page. This should be used with graphic novels, trade paperbacks, and hardcover collections.
    • Nothing or anything else will suppress the inclusion of a licensing template. This should be used for new uploads since there is a pull down menu to allow licensing selection on the upload page.