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Only pages in the Category Namespace will be tracked

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Tags categories to be logged by the CatTrack tool, which logs the size of categories over time. For example, see the CatTrack page for the population of Category:All unreferenced BLPs.

Many of the transclusions of this template come from {{Backlog}}, which transcludes this template.



This code will cause the category page it appears on to be tracked in the CatTrack tool. You may have to wait a week or so for data to start appearing.


The original tool that supports this functionality is inoperative, as of December 2014. Here are (broken) links to view the population of a single category and all tracked categories, respectively: [1] [2]. However, a resurrected version was created in January 2017, and is available at toollabs:apersonbot/cat-track.

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