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Note: this template currently does not produce valid links in the outputted citations.

Template:American Factfinder3 generates external links to U.S. Census 2000 demographic data via the United States Census Bureau's American FactFinder website (http://factfinder.census.gov). It is used to supplement {{American Factfinder}} for more detailed census data, as well as linking to certain geographic places and locations that cannot be linked to using that template. This template will generate links to all the same locations as the original template, with the addition of minor administrative county, tribal, and municipal subdivisions. Please note that this template uses an entirely different syntax than the original template, and will generate links to 4 separate tables, depending on your inputs. Used in conjunction with Template:Cite American Factfinder3 for references in individual articles.

Tables that are available:

    • General. Population, age, gener, race, and number of households.
    • Social. Ethnicity, education, marital status, and general ancestry information.
    • Economic. Median income, poverty levels, and employment.
    • Housing. Number and type of housing units as well as home values.
    • Age and Sex = Distribution of population by age group and gender.
    • Ancestry = Detailed ancestry information by country.

Note: Template is only for the 50 U.S. States, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. It will not generate information for the other U.S. territories.


Use: {{American Factfinder3|type|id|table}}

  • type: Locality/Geographic Location for which data is needed. See Locality Terms below.
  • id: The FIPS code for the location. For most areas, this is a 4 or 5 digit number preceded by the 2 digit state number. Exemptions are listed below. See Finding FIPS codes for more.
    • States: 2 digit state number.
    • Counties: 5 digits, state number + county number
    • County subdivisions: 10 digits. state number + county number + location number.
    • Zip Code Tabulation Areas (ZCTAs): 5 digits corresponding to a U.S. Postal Service ZIP code.
    • Note: Some areas have multiple FIPS Codes. Be sure to use the FIPS code that corresponds to the particular geographic type you have selected, e.g. county, city, township, etc.
    • The United States does not have a distinct FIPS code. For nation-level citations, include the id field, but leave it blank.
  • table: Census Profile Type. Alphanumeric code that corresponds to a specific Census summary table. Most common ones used in articles are listed below.
    • general = General population information
    • social = Social characteristics
      • social-pr = for social data for Puerto Rico
    • economic = Economic characteristics
    • housing = Housing characteristics
    • age = Age groups and gender.
    • ancestry = Detailed ancestry information by country.

Template can be placed within brackets [] to generated a named link.


Use {{Cite American Factfinder3}}. Fields are the same with the following unique parameters.

  • name: Name of the location you are citing. Required.
  • accessdate: The date you accessed the data. Defaults to January 31, 2009.

Location types

Type Variables Notes
Nation USA For nation-level data
Regions region Census designated regions of the United States
Divisions division Census designated divisions of the United States
States State, DC, PR U.S. states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico
Counties borough_AK County equivalents in Alaska
borough_NY One of the 5 boroughs of New York City that are coextensive with their respective county.
census_area, CA Census divisions of Alaska's Unorganized Borough
county, cty, ind_city All U.S. states except Alaska and Louisiana. Includes Independent Cities.
municipio Municipalities in Puerto Rico. County equivalent.
parish County equivalent in Louisiana
County Subdivisions barrio Subdivisions of municipios in Puerto Rico
subbarrio Puerto Rico only. A 2nd level subdivision of a barrio.
CCD Census County Divisions
census_subarea, sub Subdivision within Alaska Census Areas
place Independent places that are also county subdivisions. Not to be confused with Independent city, which is a county-level equivalent.
town_NE Towns in New England, such as New Hampshire
township, twp, charter_twp Used in 20 U.S. states. See Township (United States). Charter_twp can be used for charter townships in Michigan.
unorganized, UT Census designated Unorganized Territory
Places borough Certain incorporated cities in New England, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.
CDP Census designated place.
city, town, village Incorporated and unincorporated places in the United States. Includes Independent Cities and Independent Places. Town is not to be confused with Town (New England).
comunidad, zona_urbana, ZU Incorporated and unincorporated places in Puerto Rico.
con_city Consolidated cities in Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Montana, and Tennessee only. For other city-county governments (City and County of Denver, City and County of San Francisco, etc.) use either County or City.
American Indian/Alaska Native Lands tribe, reservation, nation American Indian reservations or other tribal lands in the contiguous United States
ANRC Alaska Native Regional Corporations
reserve, village_AK Alaska Native reserves and villages
native_HI Native Hawaiian Home Lands
Statistical Areas metro Metropolitan statistical areas. Includes Consolidated MSAs and Primary MSAs.
NECMA New England County Metropolitan Areas
Urban Area urban Urban areas of the United States
Zip Code Tabulation Areas zip, ZCTA Census-designated Zip Code Tabulation Areas


Region Input/Output
Montana {{American Factfinder3|state|30|general}}
Fort Peck Reservation {{American Factfinder3|reservation|301250|social}}
Fort Peck Reservation {{American Factfinder3|reservation|301250|housing}}
Fort Peck Reservation, Fort Kipp District {{American Factfinder3|tribe_sub|1250300|economic}}
Roosevelt County {{American Factfinder3|county|30085|general}}
East Roosevelt CCD {{American Factfinder3|CCD|3008591008|age}}
East Roosevelt CCD {{American Factfinder3|CCD|3008591008|ancestry}}
Zip Code Tracking Area 59230 {{American Factfinder3|zip|59230|economic}}

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