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Adt creates the 'accessdate' field and value for most Citation templates.

Access dates may be implemented in three formats and should be consistent throughout the article:

  • D Month YYYY: 3 December 2021 ("DMY" – day followed by full month name, followed by year; no leading zeros)
  • Month D, YYYY: December 3, 2021 ("MDY" – full month name then day; comma separating the day and year; no leading zeros)
  • YYYY-MM-DD: 2021-12-03 ("ISO" — all numeric, with 2-digit day and month)


This template MUST be subst'd.

When subst'd, the template provides the accessdate parameter name, the = sign, and the formatted date. You may specify a date format to be consistent with the other citations in the article:

Markup Generates Renders as









 |accessdate=1 December 2021
 (default; the most common internationally)

 |accessdate=1 December 2021
 (same as default)

 |accessdate=December 1, 2021
 (chiefly US)

 (ISO 8601; chiefly technical)

Note that the template does not include the leading pipe (|); always precede {{subst:adt}} with a pipe character as in the examples above.