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This template displays the current time & date in 12-hour format.

  • The default time zone is UTC. This can be changed by setting an offset. For an integer number of hours use parameter 1. Otherwise use offset
    • The current UTC time is 5:57 pm on 23 October 2021 (use {{12-hour time}})
    • The current time in city Saskatoon is 10:57 am on 23 October 2021 (use {{12-hour time|-7}})
    • The current time in Darwin is 3:27 am on 24 October 2021 (use {{12-hour time|offset=9 hours 30 min}} not {{12-hour time|9.5}})
  • The default date format is day month year. For month day year use {{12-hour time|format=mdy}}, for example
    • 5:57 pm on October 23, 2021
  • The default is not to show seconds or the day of the week. To display these use {{12-hour time|sec=on}} and/or {{12-hour time|dow=on}} respectively, for example
    • 5:57:32 pm on 23 October 2021
    • 5:57 pm on Saturday 23 October 2021
    • 5:57:32 pm on Saturday 23 October 2021
  • The default is not to abbreviate the names of the day or month. To abbreviate use {{12-hour time|abbr=on}}, for example
    • 5:57 pm on 23 Oct 2021
    • 5:57 pm on Sat 23 Oct 2021
  • The default is to put "on" between the time and date. To use something else use {{12-hour time|=something else}}, for example,
    • 5:57 pm (UTC) on 23 October 2021