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[[File:KIFT7b.jpg|500px|thumb|right|Demonstration of BREMS ([[Break Signal]]) at the Slow take-off <br> Pre-brief photo of the Laivfabrikken 2009 run at Sagene Lunsjbar <br> (Photo by Li Xin) ]]
* A [[Dogma 99]] game
* [[Slow take-off]]
* [[Slow Landing]]
* [[Monologue]]
* [[Ars Amandi]] (a prequel to the technique later known as Ars Amandi)
* [[Stream of Consciousness CharacterdescriptionKeyscenes triggered by music]]
* [[Pre-emptive characters]]
* [[Keyscenes triggered by musicStream of Consciousness Characterwriting]]* A [[Dogma 99]] game
* [[Kutt]]


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