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* [[Keyscenes triggered by music]]
* A [[Dogma 99]] game
==Setting and Themes==
This is kitchensink realism in a modernday city. The backdrop is a cafè playing music in the background.
The themes are dysfunctions that might arise in a relationship. One partner wanting to be able to have sex with others, control-issues, conflict avoidance, not being able to tell the needs to a partner, feeling of loneliness, attentionseeking etc.
It was originally coined as a critique on the lack of honesty around commitment in modernday relationship. The primary theme were lack of ableness to communicate and talk about the subject matter most of the characters being stuck in their own personal perception of what the problem in the relationship might be related to.
Characters were grouped in couples two and two. Some couples might well be non-hetrosexual relationships although a few is based on the societies expectations of behaviour according to gender in relation to pregnancy, male domination and or female submission.


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