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{{PersonInfobox person|name= Karijn van der Heij|sort_namenationality=Heij, Karijn van derThe Netherlands|countryorganization=NL{{Unbulleted list|[[Evolution Events]]}}|organizationsyears_active=2005 - present|birth_date=”Evolution events”October 18th, 1983 (age 37)|image=Karijn.jpg}}'''Karijn van der Heij''' is an Amsterdam-based writer and game designer from the Netherlands.
}}'''Karijn van der Heij''' is a writer In 2005 she was part of the group of larpwrights creating the collective [[Evolution Events]]. The intent was to make larps that were different by Dutch standards, like ruleless larps and game designer from one-shots, both of which were rare in the Netherlandswhen starting out.
==Games==She is primarily interested in character design and the way individual character narratives shape the overall story, and in the motivations for (and effects of) player choices on how the larp plays out.
==Larps=Larpwright (designer/co-designer=====Larpdesigner /writer)Netherlands====
*''No middle groundLextalionis (campaign)'' (2006-2010) additional design, additional writing, runtime organizing*''Exodus (campaign)'' (2006-2009) game design, writing, runtime organizing*''Black Box'' (2008) game design, writing, runtime organizing*''[[Exit|Exit I]]'' (2009) game design, writing, runtime organizing*''Dead Fox Junction'' (2010) game design, character creation design, writing, runtime organizing*''Extinction'' (2011) game design, writing, runtime organizing*''Exit II: Het Huis'' <u>(</u>2012) game design, writing, runtime organizing*''Idolum 1'' (2013) writing, runtime organizing*''Exit III: De Bunker'' (2014) game design, character creation design, writing, runtime organizing*''Xenophobia'' ''(campaign)'' (2013-2016) game design, writing, runtime organizing*''Bij de Styx'' (2018)game design, writing, character design, character writing, runtime organizing
== Articles on Larp ==* [http:Larpdesigner // Exit 3: The Bunker - Claustro-drama] by [[Karijn van der Heij]]writer International====
*''No Middle Ground'' (2018) game & plot design assistance, character writing, proofreading/finalizing*[[The Forbidden History|''The Forbidden History'']] (2018) additional character writing*''On the Styx'' (2019) game design, writing, character design, character writing, runtime organizing*[[Skull & Crossbones|''Skull & Crossbones: Störtebekers Revenge'']] (2019) additional character design, character writing, proofreading*''Hard Weapons & Soft Hearts'' (2020) by [[Michael Such]], additional design, additional writing*''The Last Song'' (2021) character lead, character design ==Articles on Larp== *[ ''Exit 3: The Bunker - Claustro-drama''] in*''Who creates the characters''? in [[Larp Design: Creating Role-play Experiences|''Larp Design: Creating Role-Play Experiences'']] (Bifrost 2019)*''Playing an Engaging Victim'' (with [[Katrine Wind]]) in ''[[What Do We Do When We Play?]]'' (2020)* == Talks == * [ Same role different life] at [[Nordic Larp Talks]] - 2018*''You Look Like I Want To Play With You'' Panel at [[Knutpunkt 2018]]*''You Look Like I Want To Play With You'' Discussion at [[Knudepunkt 2019]] series of two panels about the ways the out of game appearance of participants influences their experience. [[Category:People]]

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