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== Usage ==
A player may invite any other players to enter the meta room. Invitations might be made by  To make the usage of the meta room more discrete, some larps have used a [[meta technique]] where you hand out an object to invite a co-player whispering off-game, or by giving symbolic gifts such as a featherin [[Tinget]] and [[Just a little lovin']] or a political flyer in [[Red October]] (all [[2011]]).  Players may normally use the meta room for whatever way they like, but it is often suggested they play out flash-backs (scenes that happened before the larp) or flash-forwards (scenes that may occur in a hypothetical future). In some cases, an organizer might be present in the black box to help players facilitate their scenes and control the sound and lights. The meta room might also be used with more intricate restrictions on how to use it, for example it may be used to play abstract scenes with voices in a characters head.
== Meta room design ==

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