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The Three Way Model

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In ed. Gade, Thorup and Sander: [[As Larp Grows Up#Content|As Larp Grows Up]]
=== Brief summary Summary ===
Bøckman revisits the three-fold model for tabletop role-play, originally developed by the group, and re-formulates it for larp. The article uses the terms 'dramatist, gamist, and immersionist' as roughly describing three styles of larping, at the same time acknowledging that few only play in one consistent style. The author also mentions (but not go deep into) the fact that the setting and plot of a particular larp also can be classified in the same manner.
In the commentary, the editors point out that the terminology predates the article, and wonders how the theory can be brought forward towards connecting larp writing and playing.
=== Subsequent debate Debate ===
[[Category:Concepts|Three Way Model, The]]

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