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== Scene structure - the modern interpretation==
Bag-of-marbles - Chosing any available scene – collecting enough scenes to form a story - also possibly repeating scenes already done in a new way
This relates strongly to what mathematics refer to as Pigeonhole principle.( - Apparently also it relates to 'database narrative' - this link might give you some more meat on the bone:
(compared == Compared to fates that & fateplay ==Fates usually explains everything:)on how to explore the prewritten material.
There are several different interpretations of the fateplay idea, but they usually involve '''an instruction that the player should be able to achieve easily''', with the challenge being more about achieving it in an interesting an meaningful way. For example a character might be given the fate that "Before the second night of the larp, you shall challenge the king to a duel on the third morning. You will lose this duel." The duel is unavoidable, but the details of the challenge and the fighting leave plenty of space for dramatic improvisation.


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