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Falne stjerner

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== Methods ==
* Each character is represented by a physical object. The player can manipulate the object, move it around, while playing.
* During the game each player will have the opportunity to hold an inner monologue where a scene from the life of their thing is played out. The player holding the monolouge directs the remaining players non-verbally to play out the scene the monolouge describes.
* The larp uses sound, music and lights to change between different stages of the game.
Falne stjerner has seen several runs:
* October 2010 (Oslo, Norway)
* January 2011 (Oslo- Through [[Laivfabrikken Oslo]], Norway)* September 2011 (Wraclaw Wroclaw - Festival Fantastyki, Poland)
* October 2011 (Oslo - [[Grenselandet]], Norway)
* February 2012 (Västerås - [[Prolog]] 2012, Sweden)
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