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==History and Examples==
While earlier examples can be found, the slow take-off was formally introduced along the [[Slow Landing]] at [[Europa]], where it included role-played scenes, meditative sessions and media. [[Kjærlighet i fornedringens tid]] begins with players closing their eyes, silently listening to a song, holding hands across a cafètable. The [[Narrator]]([[GameMaster]]) holds a [[Monologue]] describing the past and the expectations of the couples relationship. As a kind of hypnosis at the start, the players are counted (from 1 to 10) into their characters state of mind, and at the end counted out of their characters (from 10 to 1).
The original inspiration of [[Eirik Fatland]] and [[Erlend Eidsem Hansen]] was one of their favourite filmdirector at that time, Lars Von Trier in the introsequence for his movie "Europa". Youtube YouTube clip of this sequence here: {{#ev:youtube|vrTI-SQmj4k&}}
The group [[OPUS]] did a similar opening and ending meditation for [[Delirium]]. They even did it at the start and end of every day of workshop.
The [[Pervasive]] larp [[Prosopopeia]] even established the meditation into and out of the [[character]] as a part of the [[Diegesis]]. This was motivated by the [[Diegesis]] including the off-game persona of the player. (See [[Pervasive]])
* [[Immersive Ceremonies]] - making the players do a little ritual at the start and end of a game. Games like: [[WA]], [[Mad About the Boy]], [[Agabadan I]], [[Another Life from Scratch]]([[Italy]])
* [[Opening Song]] and [[Ending song]] - sometimes done spontanously spontaneously as singing the Norwegian National anthem at [[1942]] or preplanned singing The Internationale at [[Rød Oktober]] ([[Red October]]) - one of the first time this was done, was at the fantasylarp [[Nyteg]] [[1997]] singing the fictional national anthems of the 2 warring fractions. (Duvrike sköna land)
* [[Dinner]] - when the dessert is served you will be in character
* [[Speech]] - at the end of the speech you will be in character

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