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Nordic larp

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==Jaakko Stenros 2013 Nordic Larp Talk Definition==
For a [[Nordic Larp Talk]] in [[2013]] researcher and co-author of the book [[Nordic Larp Book|Nordic Larp]], [[Jaakko Stenros]] wrote a defintion definition with help from [[Markus Montola]] and [[Bjarke Pedersen]].
<blockquote>''A larp that is influenced by the Nordic Larp tradition or contributes to the ongoing Nordic larp discourse.''</blockquote>
===Brand statement===
To perceive Nordic Larp as brand. Stenros tried to confine it to a 48 word brand statement.
<blockquote>''A tradition that views larp as a valid form of expression, worthy of debate, analysis and continuous experimentation, 
which which emerged around the Knutepunkt convention. It typically values thematic coherence, continuous illusion, action and immersion, while keeping the larp co-creative and its production uncommercial. Workshops and debriefs are common."</blockquote>

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