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'''Granland''' (Swedish: ''Granland or literally "Land of Pines"'') or Granlandskampanjen (Swedish: ''The Granland Campaign'') - is an immersion-style Swedish soldier larp LARP campaign created in 2008. The campaign takes place in a fictional medieval world with the same attributes as the real world - placing Granland in the "low-fantasy" or "no-fantasy"-category depending on preference. Granland is one of Swedens most active larp-campaigns at the moment, with about 3-4 games per year in average. The campaign has been described as highly ambitious and well organized with focus on realistic immersion, social realism, high-quality equipment, role-playing and character creation. The campaign also involves elements of war, which are used as a catalyst for creating and improving the mutual immersion. The main focus of the campaign is the cultural conflict between the progressive nationalist nation of Granland, and the traditional and deeply religious organisation known has Heliga Armén (Swedish: ''The Holy Army'').


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