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Created page with "{{Larp |image=Tunguska.png |date=2010-03-30 |location=Stråssa |country=Sweden |name=Tunguska |number_of_runs=1 |number_of_players_per_run=~50 |number_of_players_total=~50 |du..."
|duration=3 days
|full_credits=Designed by [[Onni Qvickström]], [[Sebastian Utbult]] and [[Torbjörn Elgh]]. Organized by [[Berättelsefrämjandet]].
'''Tunguska''' was a larp heavily influenced by the computer game S.T.A.L.K.E.R, and borrowed some game mechanics from CRPGs in general.

==Setting and Themes==
Around the site for the Tunguska Event strange things have been happening since 1908; reports of what the locals call Merzosti; abominations, strange phenomena and mysterious artefacts. The site has been sealed off as an exclusion zone since the 1980s, but many "fencejumpers" still find ways in, to explore the mysteries of Tunguska.

* [[Boffer]]
* [[Pre-larp Workshop]]
* [[Honor System]]
* [[Flying Start]]
* [[Cut & Break]]



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