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==General structure==
The program Maskspel was structured in three levelsacts, '''The what''', '''The why''' and '''The how'''.It all was documented in one of interactingarts free .pdf Magazines some years back [http://larpschool.blogspotulfstaflund.nose/pdownloads/programmeIA05-enkelsidigt.htmlpdf]
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! Level
! What
! Type of programme
! Goal
|Level 1
|The what - the experience
|Larps & larp presentations
|Obtaining experience to contextualise the other program me items
|Level 2
|The why
|[[The Mixing Desk of Larp]]
|Understanding why and when to design larps differently
|Level 3
|The how
|Workshops & talks
|Learn the tools and methods to change the parameters of a larp to achieve what you want


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