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'''Knutepunkt''' is an annual conference on nordic style larp which has been running since the first event in [[Norway]] in [[1997]]. It cycles through each of the nordic countries as hosts; in [[Sweden]] it's called '''Knutpunkt''', in [[Denmark]] '''Knudepunkt''' and in [[Finland]] '''Solmukohta'''. In English the translation would be ''meeting point'' or ''nodal point''.
Though the conference started out strictly as a an event for LARP (Live action role-playing (larp for short) event, and it´s 3 founders [[Erlend Eidsem Hansen]], [[Hanne Grasmo]] and [[Margrete Raaum]] all were LARP organisers of [[360 degrees]] [[Nordic Style]] Larps, [[Knutepunkt]] has since embraced role-playing games in a more general fashion. Today the conference still has an emphasis on larp, but programs devoted to traditional tabletop role-playing as well as newer arrivals such as freeform are common.
==List of Knutepunkts==


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