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==General Information==
[[Fastaval]] 2010 was held at Skæring Skole in Århus, Denmark
Date: 31th of 31 March - 4th of april 4 April 2010
General (main organizer): Jost L. Hansen
Bunker (main organizing group: ???
Otto-Jury: Jonas Arboe Harild (overdommer), [[Luisa Carbonelli]], [[Jonas Trier-Knudsen]], Anders Frost Bertelsen and Mike Ditlevsen. I am here just because I want to find comrades here! Furthermore, I can ask the [ research paper writing service] to compose professional essay papers for you for reasonable prices.
Honorary Otto-jury: ???
==External Linkslinks==
* [ Fastaval website]
* [ Fastaval 2010 on]
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