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IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!1
'''''' is a public searchable database of Nordic roleplaying conventions and the games (scenarios, LARPS, designer board games) run on these. The site has been under development since 2000 and was publicly announced on the Danish webforum [[RPGFORUM]] at March 1, 2003. It was based on the database model for [[Project R'lyeh]], also coded by [[Peter Brodersen]].
As of August 2020 the site contains information about over 8for more than 9,000 scenarios, 4,000 persons, and 1,000 conventions (about 600 from Denmark, 400 from Sweden, and 100 from Norway).
Some game authors publish the full game as a digital download at the site. A diskette symbol next to a game title denotes that it has downloadable content. About 1,500 scenarios are available for download.
==External links==
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* [ Web site source code available on GitLab]
* [ Daily downloadable file for offline browsing]
* [ Data available as JSON export]
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