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Added links.
*[ Emotions as Skilled Work] by [[Sanna Koulu]]
*''[ Body Positive'' ] by [[Laura Wood]]
*[ Beyond the Funny Hat] by [[Holger Pick]] and [[Sagalinn Tangen]]
*[ Your Body Is Your Body] by [[Karin Edman]]
*[ Sketch Comedy Characters] by [[Juhana Pettersson]]
*''Playing With Sexual Arousal'' by [[Hanne Grasmo]]
*''[ Blue Valkyrie Needs Food, badly!'' ] by [[Simon Brind]]
===For First-timers===
*[ Know Yourself] by [[Juhana Pettersson]]
*''[ Constructing Your Experience'' ] by [[Olivia Fischer]]
*''Inner Tension'' by [[Mo Holkar]] and [[Monica Hjort Traxl]]
*''Ask Questions Later'' by [[Kathaleen Amende]]
*''[ Making a Flat Character Sing'' ] by [[Joanna Piancastelli]]
*''Building a Fail-Safe'' by [[Anne Serup Grove]]
*[ Ensemble Play] by [[Anni Tolvanen]] and [[James Lorien MacDonald]]
*''How to Play Erotic Larp'' by [[Olivia Fischer]] and [[Tor Kjetil Edland]]
*''[ Speechcraft'' ] by [[Kjell Hedgard Hugaas]]
*''You Make Me Brave'' by [[Ruska Kevätkoski]]
*''[ Showtime!'' ] by [[Alexis Sandrén]]
*''Epic Feels'' by [[Noora Korppi]]
*''[ Strength in Numbers'' ] by [[Sander Burger]]
===Props and Costumes===
*''Larping the Language Barrier'' by [[Ada-Maaria Hyvärinen]]
*''Fake It and Make It'' by [[Kerstin Örtberg]] and [[Anne Serup Grove]]
*''[ Writing a Life'' ] by [[Inge-Mette Petersen]]
*''Magic Items'' by [[Ida Mia Thylstrup]], [[Oliver Nøglebæk]] and [[Suus Mutsaers]]
*[ Wyrding the Self] by [[Jonaya Kemper]]
*''[ Reading Others for Interaction'' ] by [[Maury Brown]]
*''Listening for Negotiation'' by [[Alessandro Giovannucci]]
*''Uplifting Antagonism'' by [[Jasmin Lade]]
*[ The Paradox of Inclusivity] by [[Axelle Cazeneuve]]
*''[ Addressing Self Care'' ] by [[Elin Dalstål]]
*''Just Breathe'' by [[Jojjon Hamrén]]
*''Battling Perfectionism'' by [[Julie Artula]]
*''[ Recognising Disappointment'' ] by [[Sandy Bailly]]
===Props and Costumes===
*''Preplay'' by [[Mia Kyhn]]
*''Preparing for a Larp'' by [[Elina Gouliou]] and [[Simon Rogers]]
*''[ Building a Comfort Zone'' ] by [[Anna Erlandsson]]
*''Talking to Strangers'' by [[Suus Mutsaers]]
*''Fear on the Starting Line'' by [[Benjamin A. Morrow]]
*''Scary New Things'' by [[Ruska Kevätkoski]]
*''[ Larping Lonely'' ] by [[Elin Dalstål]]
*''The Larp I Won and the Larp I Lost'' by [[Berber Wierda]]
*[ Beauty in Larp] by [[Jaakko Stenros]] and [[James Lorien MacDonald]]
*''Overcoming Shyness'' by [[Mátyás Hartyándi]]
*''[ Larper: The Pretense'' ] by [[Markus Montola]]

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