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|nationality=The Netherlands
|organization={{Unbulleted list|[[Evolution Events]]}}
|years_active=2005 - present|birth_date=October 18th, 1983 (age 36)}}'''Karijn van der Heij''' (1983) is an Amsterdam-based writer and game designer from the Netherlands.
In 2005 she was part of the group of larpwrights creating the collective [[Evolution Events]]. The intent was to make larps that were different by Dutch standards, like low-rules larps and oneshots.
*[ ''Exit 3: The Bunker - Claustro-drama''] in
*''Who creates the characters''? in [[Larp Design: Creating Role-play Experiences|''Larp Design: Creating Role-Play Experiences'']] (Bifrost 2019)
*Playing an Engaging Victim (with Katrine Wind) in ''[[What Do We Do When We Play?]]'' (2020)


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