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 * ''[ Maps, Loops, and Larps'' ] by [[Eleanor Saitta]], [[Johanna Koljonen]] and [[Martin Nielsen]]* ''Metareflection'' by [[Hilda Levin]]* ''Emotions as Skilled Work'' by [[Sanna Koulu]]* ''Knowing Yourself'' by [[Juhana Pettersson]]* ''Ensemble Play'' by [[Anni Tolvanen]] and [[James Lorien MacDonald]]* ''Sceneing and Storying'' by [[Will Osmond]]* ''Wyrding the Self'' by [[Jonaya Kemper]]* ''The Paradox of Inclusivity'' by [[Axelle Cazeneuve]]* ''Labour and Play'' by [[Evan Torner]]* ''Beauty in Larp'' by [[Jaakko Stenros]] and [[James Lorien MacDonald]]

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