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==Setting and Themes==
Lesbianism, Völvas and vengeance. Crying Vikings in mud. Fierce shieldmaidens and flayed men.
The larp begins when a group of Vikings who are actually three different ship crews arrive in the village of Asfanginn to seek help from the Völvas who live there. The Vikings belive they have been followed by a curse all the way from the saxons Saxons lands and dare not return home without it being lifted.
At the welcoming feast however, an unfortunate incident leads to the village leader being slain and the Völvas enter a frenzied state looking for vengeance.
[[Karin Edman]] had a dream about a Völic village run by Völvas. The dream felt disconcerting and dangerous. She told a few friends online and then decided to make the dream into a larp.
The larp has been run in november November 2019 and will be run in june June 2020
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