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Typo fixing, typos fixed: 2010-2011 → 2010–2011 (2)
* Patriarken (The Patriarch) 2006 with [[Moa Rönnåsen]] and [[Andreas Ekebacke]]
* Kollektivet Lyckan (Our commune Happiness), Prolog 2010-2011 2010–2011 with [[Moa Rönnåsen]] and [[Andreas Ekebacke]]
* Andra ögonkastet eller Bara jag inte dör som Torsten (Second sight or As long as I don't die like Torsten) [[Prolog]] 2012 with [[Marcus Brissman]]
* Den innersta dagen (The day before yesterday), [[Stockholms Scenario Festival]] 2013
==Organizer: Conventions==
* [[Stockholm Scenario Festival]] 2015-20162015–2016, writers’ coach

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