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Granland has become famous for hosting games that places a lot of focus on getting players involved in the making of the game - and thus generally having players with much better understanding of the concept and feeling of the game than other Swedish larps. This was accomplished by having a very large amount of pregame activities, often involving weekly social meet-ups, parties, workshops for character-creation, practical workshops for creating equipment and a large convention being hosted each year since 2010 known as GranCon.
==The fiction==
[[File:filminspelning25.jpg|left|thumb|Civilian being murdered by a solider soldier from the Holy Army. Photo: Torbjörn Walberg]]
The Granland fiction is based on Medieval Europe and the Middle-East, but using large amounts of inspiration from different historical eras; primarily the 17th and 18th century and Ancient Rome. The world has the same attributes as the real world, thus excluding classical fantasy themes such as for example non-human races and magic.

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