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The characters were divided in three social classes: the poor, the middle class, and the rich. Many of the middle class characters were working at a company called New Life that marketed climate change survival solutions for the rich. The poor tried to survive on what they could, and the middle class characters were on the verge of burnout, while the rich led comfortable lives. The idea was that towards the end of the larp, the poor would be so wound up that they would start murdering the rich.
The larp happened in several locations around the city of Helsinki (New Life office, an apartment of a poor person, a party apartment for the rich, etc.), and the players moved between the locations during runtime. Characters were created through the online system [[Larpweaver]], where players could choose various attributes for their characters (e.g. social class, core group, etc.) and scenes where their characters would take part in (e.g. a talk show on poverty on the national media, a job interview, a party). This way, each player had a personal timetable that was built out of the scenes that they had chosen on Larpweaver. The larp feautured featured a large cast of NPCs that could be used for various scenes.
Various design choices had been made to make sure that some murders would actually happen at the end of the larp. There was a whole group of poor characters determined to kill some rich people. They had already murdered somebody in the backstory, and they were determined to kill more people during the larp. [[Massi Hannula]] had come up with the idea of an in-game radio channel called ''Murharadio'' (Eng. ''Murder Radio''), that was run during the larp by a group of poor characters. On the radio shows, they had angry discussions on inequality, interviewed murderers, and speculated on who should be murdered next. They also held a poetry competition, where listeners were asked to send them "murder poems" through social media.

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