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'''Krusadis: Punainen Aurinkoaurinko''' (Eng. Krusadis: Red Sun) was a science fiction larp about an encounter between two cultures. It was set on two spaceships, the warship Punainen aurinko (Finnish for Red Sun) and the trade vessel Hóng tàiyáng (Chinese for Red Sun) that represented these two cultures. The game was designed so that both of the ships could move rather freely in space using the computer game Artemis Bridge Simulator. However, the setting was designed so that an encounter between the two ships would become more and more likely as the larp advanced. Punainen aurinko was at war with the Jinrei Dynasty, and Hóng tàiyáng carried Jinrei refugees who had been sentenced to death by their own emperor.
The larp was played at a school. The two spaceships were built on two separate floors, and the gymnastics hall on the bottom floor hosted one big meta room that could become e.g. a friendly space station with a bar, a bazaar, and an embassy, or a planet where the characters would face an enemy ambush. The elevator had been propped to become an airlock that the characters could use to get in and out of their ships. When the two spaceships eventually met, it could also be used to travel between the ship. The players of the bridge crews could quite freely decide where the ships would go, and the game masters would use the travelling time to build the relevant environment in the meta room. There were also separate meta rooms on each ship, and a 12-person npc team to portray various personae that the player characters could meet. Before the larp, the organizers said it would strive for 360 degree illusion but consciously fail.


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