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<nowiki>|</nowiki>first_run={{23.-25.2.18.|}} in Helsinki, Finland<nowiki>|</nowiki>name=Krusadis: Punainen Aurinko<nowiki>|</nowiki>image=<nowiki>|</nowiki>tagline=<nowiki>|</nowiki>participants= about 50<nowiki>|</nowiki>duration= runtime 15 hours<nowiki>|</nowiki>website={{}}<nowiki>|</nowiki>designers={{}}<nowiki>|</nowiki>techniques={{}<nowiki>}</nowiki><nowiki>}}</nowiki>
'''Krusadis: Punainen Aurinko''' (Eng. Krusadis: Red Sun) was a science fiction larp about an encounter between two cultures. It was set on two spaceships, the warship Punainen aurinko (Finnish for Red Sun) and the trade vessel Hóng tàiyáng (Chinese for Red Sun) that represented these two cultures. The game was designed so that both of the ships could move rather freely in space using the computer game Artemis Bridge Simulator. However, the setting was designed so that an encounter between the two ships would become more and more likely as the larp advanced. Punainen aurinko was at war with the Jinrei Dynasty, and Hóng tàiyáng carried Jinrei refugees who had been sentenced to death by their own emperor.
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==Credits and info ==
'''Game masters''': Janne Vilen, Kirsi Oesch, Kalle Rantanen, Thomas Ruotsalainen
'''Auxiliary game masters''': Aki Honkanen '''Duration:''' 15 hours of runtime + workshops '''Run:''' Helsinki, Feb 23-25, 2018. '''Number of players:''' ~50 '''Participation fee:''' 45 e
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