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{{Infobox larp series|name=Krigslive/Warlarp|genre=Low fantasy|style=Rule heavy|first_larp={{start and end dates|2004|5|20|2004|5|23}}|website={{URL|}}}}'''Krigslive''' also known as '''WarlarpWar Larp''' is a Danish annual larp first held in 2004 by Thomas Aagaard. It usually takes place in the The Old World inside of the Warhammer Fantasy universe and often revsoles around events inside the Empire of Man. The larp is centered around large scale war scenarios and battles between regiments. <br />{{Infobox larp [[Category:Larp series|name=Krigslive/Warlarp|image=needs-image|genre=Low fantasy|style=Rule heavy|first_larp=May 20-23, 2004|website=}}]]

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