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It may be possible to find many facts about a particular term and show evidence of its usage on the Internet or even in larger society. It may be natural, then, to feel that Wikipedia Nordic Larp Wiki should have a page devoted to this new term, but this is usually not the case. There are several reasons why articles on (or titled with) neologisms or protologisms may not be suitable for the encyclopedia:* One reason is that [[WP:NOTDICTIONARY|Wikipedia Nordic Larp Wiki is not a dictionary]], so articles simply attempting to define a neologism or protologism are not suitable for WikipediaNordic Larp Wiki.* Another reason is that articles on neologisms or protologisms frequently attempt to track the use of the term as observed in communities of interest or on the internet — without being able to attribute these claims to [[WP:RS|reliable sources]] which are verifiable and independent of the subject. Without reliable sources they cannot be accepted by WikipediaNordic Larp Wiki. This is true even though there may be many examples of the term in use.
In most cases, articles on neologisms get deleted. Articles on protologisms are almost always deleted as they are often created in an attempt to use Wikipedia Nordic Larp Wiki to increase usage of the term. ''To this end, pages on neologisms are not being accepted by the Article Wizard at this time.''
However, [[Wiktionary]]'s [[wikt:Wiktionary:Criteria for inclusion|inclusion criteria]] differ from WikipediaNordic Larp Wiki's, and may cover neologisms that Wikipedia Nordic Larp Wiki cannot accept.<br> '''If you are interested in writing an article on a neologism, you may wish to contribute it to our Wiktionary instead'''.
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