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* [[Petri Leinonen]]}}
* [[Pre-larp workshop]]* [[Sound design]]* [[Pre-written characters]]* [[Rule of the greater drama: the scenes to go by the drama rather than the need to win]]* [[One hour game cycle: after one hour play returning to the original positions]]* [[Theatrical techniques]]* [[]]* [[Theatrical techniques]]* [[Theatrical techniques: when lights put on, characters start acting rehearsed scene]]
Van kidnapping: characters are followed by other characters in van and taken in for scenes
Different Rotating leading roles player group in the lead role in each of the events
Groups of supporting characters for the certain player characters (thinking they are actual player characters)
Table top games combined to larp
Retros after games to gather the feedback and develop the storylines accordingly
Scene in darkness designed and executed by the visually impaired players of the campaign
* [[Pre-larp workshop]]
* [[Sound design]]
* [[Pre-written characters]]
* [[Rule of the greater drama]]
* [[]]
* [[]]
* }}


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