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'''Thank you for using the Article Wizard!'''

Your article is not ready yet. It could possibly be improved with some work. When your article is ready, please consider using this wizard again (just [[WP:WIZ|go back to the beginning]]). Please consider helping Wikipedia in other ways, such as improving existing articles.

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1. have a reputation for reliability: they are [[Wikipedia:Notability (summary)|reliable sources]]<br>
2. are independent of the subject<br>
3. are [[WP:V|verifiable]] by other editors
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'''Sources are (nearly) everything'''

Your topic might be [[Wikipedia:Notability (summary)|notable]], but without good references, nobody else can review it and agree with you, or [[WP:V|verify]] the information in your article. Most articoles fail because they do not have enough sources of the right kind to establish notability ''and'' support the claims in the content. Check out the Wzard's [[Wikipedia:Article_wizard/Sources|souces page]] again, or read more about [[Wikipedia|Reliable sources]].

* Look for more sources! Use an Internet search engine, or go to your local library as many Wikipedia editors do.
* Remember that not every subject in the world meets the [[Wikipedia:Notability (summary)|notability]] criteria – some that don't might do so in future, and some (probably) never will.
* Remember that not every subject meeting the [[Wikipedia:Notability (summary)|notability]] criteria is encyclopedic – items such as FAQs, video game guides, memorials, instruction manuals, directories, list of links, advertising, self-promotion, and dictionary definitions are not encyclopedic. See [[Wikipedia:What Wikipedia is not|What Wikipedia is not]].
* If you're unsure whether your sources are sufficient, or how to write from a [[WP:NPOV|neutral point of view]], ask at the [[WP:TEAHOUSE|Teahouse]], our friendly, informal place for getting help, or click the blue button above to get help online.
* If you're unable to find the sources to support an article, you could post a request at [[Wikipedia:Requested articles]].

If you'd like to try to find the [[Wikipedia:Notability (summary)|reliable sources]] needed for your proposed article, these links may help:

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{{!}}style="valign:center;padding-right:0.5em;"{{!}}[[File:Arrow icon.svg|none|30px|link=]]
{{!}}{{findsources|new article}}. <br>Remember, though, that many valuable sources are not available online.

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{{Article wizard/button2|[[Wikipedia:Notability (summary)|More about notability and reliable sources]]}}
{{Article wizard/button2|[[Wikipedia:Neutral point of view|More about the neutral point of view]]}}{{Quote box
| quote = This wizard is under active development. <br>'''''{{leave feedback|format=link|page=Wikipedia:WikiProject_Articles_for_creation|feedbackpage=Wikipedia:WikiProject_Articles_for_creation/feedback|text=click here to give feedback|plain=yes}}'''''
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