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'''Helene Willer Piironen''' (born 1983) is a Danish role-player who is very active within the Nordic scene - particularly in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.
In addition to being an avid larper, Willer has written scenarios for the Danish convention Fastaval, and for the Swedish convention [[Stockholm ScenariofestivalScenario Festival]]. Thematically she likes to explore interpersonal relationships, and she utilises physical and sensory elements. Her scenarios skirt on dramatic improvisation. <br> 
Willer is involved with using role-playing as a means of spreading democratic rights.
'''As writer/co-writer'''
 *[[Bag din ryg ]] (2010)*[[Stereohearts ]] (2013) with [[Maria Ljung]]
'''As organiser'''
*[[Just a Little Lovin’]] (2013)
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