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Nordic larp

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''Nordic-style larp'', or '''Nordic Larp''', is a term used to describe a tradition of [[larp]] game design that emerged in the Nordic countries. The term is contested and there is no one clear cut definition. Definition==
This is the definition used by the [[ ]] websites. It's less of an academic definition and more meant as a statement to gather the scene around it in an inclusive manner.
<blockquote>Nordic-style larp is traditionally different from larp in other parts of the world – here are a few examples of aims and ideals that are typical for this unique gaming scene:<br>
==Jaakko Stenros 2013 Nordic Larp Talk Definition==
For a [[Nordic Larp Talk]] in [[2013]] researcher and co-author of the book [[Nordic Larp Book|Nordic Larp]], [[Jaakko Stenros]] wrote a definition with help from [[Markus Montola]] and [[Bjarke Pedersen]].{{quote<blockquote>''|text=A larp that is influenced by the Nordic Larp tradition or contributes to the ongoing Nordic larp discourse.''</blockquote>|author=[[Jaakko Stenros]]}}
For some this might seem to loose. As Stenros puts it:
{{quote<blockquote>''|text=This definition may seem disappointing, or even like a cop out. It does not arm you with analytical tools that you could use, disconnected from larp practice, to identify a Nordic Larp. But Nordic Larp is not a set of instructions. It is not even a coherent design philosophy, though that is a fairly common claim online. It is a movement."</blockquote>|author=[[Jaakko Stenros]]}}
===Brand statement===
To perceive Nordic Larp as brand. Stenros tried to confine it to a 48 word brand statement. <blockquote>''{{quote|text=A tradition that views larp as a valid form of expression, worthy of debate, analysis and continuous experimentation, which emerged around the Knutepunkt convention. It typically values thematic coherence, continuous illusion, action and immersion, while keeping the larp co-creative and its production uncommercial. Workshops and debriefs are common."</blockquote>|author=[[Jaakko Stenros]]}}
===Nordic Larp introduction===
An introduction to Nordic Larp by [[Johanna Koljonen]] at [[Nordic Larp Talks]] [[2010]].
===Nordic Larp defintion===
A presentation by [[Jaakko Stenros]] with the ambition to define what Nordic Larp means at [[Nordic Larp Talks]] [[2013]].
==External links==
* [ Introduction to Nordic Larp], [[2010]] [[Nordic Larp Talk]] by [[Johanna Koljonen]].* [ What does Nordic Larp mean?], [[2013]] [[Nordic Larp Talk]] by [[Jaakko Stenros]].
* [ Full keynote transcript of the 2013 Nordic Larp Talk by Jaakko Stenros]

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