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[[File:Mixing desk of larp.png|right|thumb|The Mixing Desk of Larp version 4, revised after revised after [[Larpwriter Summer School]] [[2014]]]]
'''''The Mixing Desk of Larp''' is a framework for organizing your thoughts about larp design. Look at it as a pedagogical tool more than a theory of larp design – it is an aid in visualizing the most important design choices a larpwright makes.''
There are some things in larp that are difficult to play out. Hunger, violence, sleep deprivation, drinking, sex and drug use might be examples. If you want to include these elements in your game, how do you do it? Do you put the pressure on the players as well as the characters by using with hardcore methods such as real alcohol, real food deprivation, and waking people at night? Do you shelter the players from the pressure on the characters by using replacements like boffer swords, fake alcohol, and telling the players to pretend to be hungry or sleep deprived? Hungry players will, of course, feel what it is like to be hungry, but their ability to role-play and enjoy other aspects of the game might be hampered.
==Open Framework==
The Mixing Desk of Larp is a work in progress. It's a pedagogical tool aimed for presenting and structuring some of the most important design choices of larp in a convenient form. There are plenty of other faders that could be part of the Mixing Desk, and the framework is open to extensions.
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==Video Presentation==Video presentation about the Mixing Desk of larp with [[Martin Eckhoff Andresen]] from [[Nordic Larp Talks]] [[2013]].
* [ Programme for Larpwriter Summer School 2012]
==External Links==
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