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==Icons to show fluctuation==

<noinclude>'''This templatedata is intended to be generic and apply to all the templates mentioned.'''</noinclude>
"params": {
"1": {
"label": "Tooltip text",
"description": "Changes the text displayed on hover.",
"example": "−5%",
"type": "string",
"default": "Defaults to something appropriate to the chosen template, such as \"Increase\"."
"description": "This is one of a series of templates to display an increase or decrease arrow icon. {{Increase}}&nbsp;{{tl|Increase}} = {{tl|Gain}} = {{tl|Profit}} is a green up arrow. \n{{Down}}&nbsp;{{tl|Decrease}} = {{tl|Down}} = {{tl|Loss}} is a red down arrow. \n{{Steady}}&nbsp;{{tl|Steady}} = {{tl|Nochange}} is a flat line for no change. Where the quantity involved should be minimized (e.g. road accidents), use {{IncreaseNegative}} {{tl|IncreaseNegative}} and {{DecreasePositive}} {{tl|DecreasePositive}} instead, which flip the colors.",
"format": "inline"
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