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{{LarpInfobox larp design
|name=Kjærlighet i fornedringens tid
|english_name=Love in the age Age of debasementDebasement
|image_captionimage_alt=A woman comforting a crying man with his face in his hands.|caption=In-game photo of the Knutpunkt 2010 run in the manor of Fiskeboda (Photo by Håken Lid)|country=Norway, Sweden|date=2001, 2002, 2009, 2010|number_of_runs=6|number_of_players_per_runparticipants=10-20|number_of_players_total=80|mottotagline=How do we experience love in an age where it would seem that it so often don`t work out?|duration=1 hour 1h workshop, 2 1/2 hour .5h play, 1/2 hour 0.5h debrief|homepage_urldesigners=[[Erlend Eidsem Hansen]]|homepage_link_texttechniques=LarpInfo in English from Knutpunkt 2010{{plainlist|* [[Slow take-off]]* [[Slow Landing]]|full_credits=Designed by * [[Erlend Eidsem HansenMonologue]], Co-organiser 2009 * [[Geir Tore BrenneArs Amandi]].(a prequel to the technique later known as Ars Amandi)|budget=~€0* [[Key scenes triggered by music]]|participation_fee=€0* [[Pre-€8emptive characters]]|game_mechanics=None - What you see is what you get* [[Stream of Consciousness Character writing]]* [[Safewords]]}}
'''Kjærlighet i fornedringens tid''' (''Love in the age of debasement'') was a larp run in [[Norway]] and [[Sweden]] in [[:Category:2001|2001]] - [[:Category:2010|2010]].
* [[Monologue]]
* [[Ars Amandi]] (a prequel to the technique later known as Ars Amandi)
* [[Keyscenes Key scenes triggered by music]]
* [[Pre-emptive characters]]
* [[Stream of Consciousness CharacterwritingCharacter writing]]* [[KuttSafewords]]
==Setting and Themes==
This is a larp belonging to the genrè genre of [[kitchensink realism]] set to an environment of a modernday modern day city. The [[gamelocationgame location]] is a cafè cafe with tables and chairs. There are music playing in the background. The themes are dysfunctions that might arise in a relationship. One partner wanting to be able to have sex with others, control-issues, conflict avoidance, not being able to tell the needs to a partner, feeling of loneliness, attentionseeking attention seeking and more.It was originally coined as a critique on the lack of honesty around commitment in modernday modern day relationships. The primary theme were lack of ableness to communicate and talk about the subject matter most of the characters being stuck in their own personal perception of what the problem in the relationship might be related to.
Characters were grouped in couples two and two. Some charactercouples might well be representing non-hetrosexual relationships, although a few is based on the societies expectations of behaviour according to gender in relation to pregnancy, male domination and or female submission.
==EditionsRuns==It has been run in the following cities: Malmø (SydCon 2001), Stockholm (Knutpunkt 2002), Oslo (Larpfactory 2009, co-organized by [[Geir Tore Brenne]]), Vesterås (Prolog 2010), Fiskeboda (Knutpunkt 2010), Trondheim 2010 (Larpfactory).
* Review of the 2001 version of the game by [[Lars Wingård]] -
Image:KIFT7b.jpg|Demonstration of Brems (Associated with [[Kutt]]) prior to the [[Slow take-off]]. Pre-brief photo of the Laivfabrikken 2009 run at Sagene Lunsjbar. (Photo by Li Xin)
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