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|date={{start and end dates|2015|9|18|2015|9|20}}<nowiki> and {{start and end dates|2015|10|2|2015|10|4}</nowiki>}
|location=Stockholm, Sweden
|duration=3 days
|designers={{Unbulleted list|[[Mia Häggström]]|[[Sofie Falk]]}}|techniques={{Unbulleted list|[[Powers]]|[[Lottery]]|[[Safewords]]|[[Escalation]]|[[Ars Amandi]]|[[Wall of Rumours]]|[[Text Larping]]}}|website=<nowiki>{{URL|}</nowiki>}|participants=58 (29 per run in 2 runs)}}
From the website: "Coven takes place in a newly, rather unwillingly, formed coven of witches: present day, Sweden.
*[ Official Trailer]
*[ Coven Homepage]
[[Category:Larp events]]

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