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Malik Hyltoft

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== Publication ==
Malik Hyltoft has published more RPG books than anyone else in Denmark. Together with Mads Lunau and Troels Chr. Jakobsen, he founded the company Dansk Spil Design, which published the underground games Viking, Mafia, and Kellogg’s Kellogg's Wild West Spil.
In 2000 Hyltoft published the Danish RPG system ‘Fusion’ along with Palle Schmidt.
==Founding Østerskov==
Along with Mads Lunau, Hyltoft opened the world’s world's first school for role-players in 2006. The school uses role-playing as a teaching method. Hyltoft worked there as a vice-principal for several years.
In 2006 Malik Hyltoft received Fastaval’s Fastaval's honorary Otto for his lifetime accomplishments in roleplaying. His mark on the Danish role-playing scene is tremendous.
Hyltoft won the Publikumsprisen for his scenario Nantonaku Manga in 2006.

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