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== Bodylanguage, Tribalism and High Definition Larping ==
''Må was painted the first time by her love from last summer. It became a last fleeting memory of what had been, and a sort of good-bye ritual for the two…When Må woke up on the second day at the ritual site, somewhat late, she knew that it was now allowed for her and the other females in the tribe to take mates…Ulv, the alpha female has taken three mates, and since there are only seven men in the tribe and four women all in all, Må quickly realizes that if she wants to keep her position as second in command she needs two mates for herself. One she took out of love, the other one for pure status reasons.''
([[Andie Nordgren ]] 2008)
Totem was an experimental post-apocalyptical larp about tribes. The participants experienced life in a society without civilization, a tribal culture where taboos and rituals dominated life. Play focused around a rite of passage where body language, status and hierarchy, producing a very intense experience for the participants.
We want to create a story about a degenerating culture. Human kind got further than we could have ever dreamt of, but the tide of progress turned and civilization started to degenerate. In this future people again live in nomadic tribes without written language or significant remnants of the lost civilization. Instinct takes over where there are no longer rules or explanations. Meaning and depth is redundant, words are forgotten and songs are hummed instead…'' (Totem website)
== Arts for Loving and Building Hierarchy ==
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