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There is already a Kutt-article, and will soon be a Brems-article. This used to be Cut & Brake, but should rather be a general article on safewords.
'''Cut and brake''' are The use of [ safewordsSafewords] for slowing down or stopping is a common feature in many larps to ensure player safety and prevent situations from getting out of hand. They are non-diegetic signals to make the other players act in a scene if it's too intense or dangerouscertain way according to which safeword is used. ==UsageVariations == * [[Kutt]]* [[Brems]] ===Brake=Controversy ==The ''brake'' safeword is used Even though safewords have been a part of larp rule systems since the 90s people seem to indicate that the person uttering the safeword wants have a high threshold to slow down or change where the game is heading, for instance if the scene is becoming unsafe or uncomfortableactually use them. Upon hearing the ''brake'' safeword other players must then try This has lead to slow down and/or change questioning of how effective they actually are. This was one of the approach or direction themes of the scene[[Solmukohta 2012]] panel debate "The Great Player Safety Controversy Panel".===Cut===The ''cut'' safeword means ''stop the scene immediately'', and is used if something goes wrong and/or you want to completely stop the scene for whatever reason. When the scene is ''cut'' the players involved must find out why the scene was cut and/or how to restart or continue playing.


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