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'''{{Infobox person| name = Petter Karlsson''' is a | image = Petterkarlsson_-_Petter_Karlsson_2013.jpg| nationality = Sweden| years_active = 2001–present| organization = [[Prolog]], [[SwedishLajvVerkstaden]] larper, larp producer and video producer[[Fantasiforbundet]], [[Knutepunkt]] & [[Lajvfabriken Stockholm]]| website =}}
== Larps ==He has been larping since [[2001]] and been '''Petter Karlsson''' is a helper at numerous big fantasy games. He as co-designed and produced several small [[black box]] larps and co-founded the Swedish larper, larp convention [[Prolog]]. He is also producing the [[Nordic Larp Talks]]producer and video producer.
== Producer, coHe has worked at Emmy-producer awarded [[The Company P]] and designer ==is one of the owners of pedagogic larp production company [[LajvVerkstaden]]. He also produces the [[Nordic Larp Talks]].
* [[Just a Little Lovin']] ([[2012]]) - Producer==Larps==* [[When Our Destinies Meet]] ([[Knutpunkt 2010]], [[Grenselandet]] [[2010]], [[Larpwriter Summer School]] [[2012]]) - Producer He has been larping since 2001 and been a helper at numerous big fantasy games. He as co-designer* [[Beyond the Mountains of Madness]] (designed and produced several small [[2010Black Box]]) - Producer larps and co-designer* founded the Swedish larp convention [[A Place for Me To RestProlog]] ([[Höjdpunkt]] [[2008]], [[Knutepunkt 2009]], [[2010]], [[Lajvfabriken Stockholm]] [[2011]]) - Producer and co-designer.
== Contributing organizer Producer, co-producer and designer==
* [[Conspiracy For GoodPapers (larp)|Papers]] (2013) - Producer and designer*[[Just a Little Lovin']] (2012) - Producer*[[Just a Little Lovin']] (2013) - Co-organizer*[[Just a Little Lovin']] (2015) - Co-organizer*[[When Our Destinies Meet|When Our Destinies Meet / När Våra Öden Möts]] ([[Knutpunkt 2010]], [[Grenselandet]] 2010, [[Larpwriter Summer School]] 2012) - Producer and co-designer*[[Beyond the Mountains of Madness]] [[Knutepunkt 2009]], (2010) - Producer and co-designer*[[A Place for Me To Rest| A Place for Me To Rest / Nattro 120mg]] ([[Höjdpunkt]] 2008, [[Knutepunkt 2009]], 2010, [[Lajvfabriken Stockholm]] 2011) - Producer and co-designer ==Contributing organizer== *[[Conspiracy For Good]] (2009) - Production assistant* [[The Truth About Marika]] ([[2007]]) - Co-game-master
* [[Prolog]] - producer for the Swedish larp convention Prolog.
* [[LajvVerkstaden]] - Co-founder
* [[Knutepunkt]]
* [[Lajvfabriken Stockholm]]
==Contact==*[[Prolog]] - producer for the Swedish larp convention Prolog.*[[LajvVerkstaden]] - Co-founder*[[Fantasiforbundet]]*[[Knutepunkt]]* http[[Lajvfabriken Stockholm]] [[Category:People]][[Category:// people]][[Category:Larp creators]][[Category:People|Karlsson, PetterLarp community builders]]

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